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Nico Bakker GP motor 125cc

De motor is momenteel in Engeland maar kan makkelijk overgebracht worden naar Nederland, de advertentie is daarom ook in het Engels. Mocht je nou geen Engels kunnen of het wellicht lastig vinden, kun je me om hulp vragen.. ook voor meer fotos kun je me even emailen (


This bike was built in 1985 and is fitted with a Rotax 128 GP balance shaft engine. The engine has been completely rebuilt and will have to be run in. I have owned this bike for 8 years and I have decided to let it go as we have change class and I’m not intending to run it again. The bike has been ridden by David Tetley both in the UK and on the continent and has been very reliable. As far as I’m aware it’s the only one in the UK 

 There’s no problem in obtaining consumable spares so is relatively easy to run. There is a spare engine available which will accept the later Rotax 129 cylinder and probably an Aprilia cylinder.

I also have a collection of engine spares which are available. This bike has a lot of potential and would be a race winner in the right hands.

In 1989 Alex Criville won the 125 World Championship on a J.J. Cobas fitted with a Rotax 128 engine. He beat the works Honda ridden by Hans Spaan by a considerable number of points. This is why it has a lot of potential against the Hondas in the CRMC 125 class. 

The bike comes with a set of sprockets. I can be contacted most any time on +4407707 711461 or message me on this email adress;

 Vraagprijs : £6500. (Let op dit is in ponden geen euro’s!!) 

Plaatsingsdatum 30-3-2023


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